I consider myself extremely fortunate to be doing exactly what I want to do at this point in my life. I was blessed to find a "good job" early on, which afforded me the opportunity to change career paths after 25 years of service with a major corporation. Buying and selling real estate for friends, friends of my friends, and other personal referrals is one of the paths I have chosen.

My REALTOR made an indelible impression upon me when we purchased our home here in the Sacramento area. What could have been a complicated and frustrating process turned out to be a very pleasurable experience. You see my husband and I lived in the Bay Area at that time. I wanted to find a home in one weekend, make an offer, and close escrow before Christmas. Never mind the fact it was already mid October when we started. My REALTOR made it seem so easy, never a hint of any reason we could not accomplish what I set out to do. I remember thinking how happy I was to move in three days before Christmas, and how I would like to facilitate such happiness for other people...Learn more.

Patsy A. Rogers
(916) 320-6383

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